Mission Initiatives
Christ's Mission - Our Mission

Invite People
to Christ

Christ's mission of evangelism
We are poised to share the peace of Jesus Christ with those who are waiting to hear the redeeming words of the gospel.

Abolish Poverty,
End Suffering

Christ's mission of compassion
We are poised to be Christ’s hands and feet, reaching out through compassionate ministries that serve the poor and hungry and stop conditions that diminish the worth of persons.

Pursue Peace
on Earth

Christ's mission of justice and peace
We are poised to restore Christ’s covenant of peace, even the Zion of our hopes. The hope of Zion will become reality when we live Christ’s peace and generously share his peace with others.

Develop Disciples
to Serve

Equip individuals for Christ's mission
We are poised to equip men, women, and children to be true and living expressions of the life, ministry, and continuing presence of Christ in the world.

Experience Congregations
in Mission

Equip congregations for Christ's mission
We are poised to become congregations that are the true and living expressions of Jesus Christ, woven together by the Spirit, and sent into the world as evangelistic witnesses, compassionate ministers, and justice and peacemakers.

Christ's Mission
Our Mission
YOUR Mission